Photo Credit: Bryan Eneas

Photo Credit: Bryan Eneas

Jeremy Mckay’s life revolves around Capturing moments, waiting in terminals and building forests.  Which is a vague way of saying he’s a photographer, a traveller and a treeplanter.

He was was born and raised in B.C.  He spent his years growing up on an Indian Reserve north of Prince George. Eventually his family moved to Penticton B.C. where he graduated high school. 

It wasn't until he began treeplanting in 2010, he felt compelled to document what was happening around him. But it wasn't until travelling Hawaii a year later he bought a used Canon EOS 300D in a local camera shop in Kona.  From there he began to document his travel experiences.

The experiences in Hawaii pushed him further to get a UK work visa and backpack Europe.  Later on in Prague where he encountered his first taste of covering news while randomly walking into a Presidential election rally.  There he witnessed the media coverage and realized journalism was the path to follow.

So he applied and was accepted into the Loyalist College Photojournalism program located in Belleville, Ontario.  Two years later he graduated the program in 2015.  Since then his work has been featured in publications on the West Coast.

Jeremy Mckay now is currently in Victoria B.C. Freelancing.