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Life on the Fringe


Shift 2: Artisan works 3-1 shift.  Which Now I realize I will put out a blog out weekly rather than by shift.  Now I’m back out in the bush working, the hardest thing I found was keeping a charge.  Not so much in my camera, but on my iPhone and Macbook.  The Camp provides power outlets for workers, but they end up like this.


Power cuts out whenever, so I started plugging my laptop in the trucks or directly into the generator.

gear travel copy


-Canon 6D

-Canon 70D

-Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8

-Canon 70-200mm f/2.8

-Canon 50mm f/1.8

-ThinkTank Shape Shifter

-Macbook Pro Retina mid-2012

-Seagate 2 TB Hard Drive

-Moleskin Book

-Thinktank Memory Card Holder

--2x-LP-E6 Batteries

-Canon Battery Charger LC-E6

-Media Pass (Just In Case)

-R0de Mic

Shift 21411 Shift 21329Shift 21422Shift 21678



Shift 1-So here it is Year 6 of Treeplanting. I have to admit I really didn't feel like coming out this year, but "mans gotta eat" as Randy Bobandy would say.By eat, I mean eating away my debt bit by bit.

Anyhow I though it was time to start a photo doc on camp life. I figure I need a photo story in my portfolio, so heres a start. Anyhow,  I figure I should keep shooting after my internship, keep things fresh and work on isolated photography.

I am now Crusty as Fuck.














Week 3- Im Done. Not much else to say. But I want to remain in the game, thats for sure. I shot a lot of photos, literally, check this out.  IMG_1234 copy (this was taken at the end of week 2, those RAWS kill ya)

It's been great in a lot of ways being on this internship.  Met a lot of rad people, and people in the industry.  Made me realize how important it is to be covering things with Web in mind.(Video, Stills, Web Gallery & quick write-up) and Speed. Glad i did it annnnnd I got big ol' Pass.

I AM GRADUATED. I'm officially a College Boy.



VANCOUVER, B.C.-Jeremy Mckay/24 Hours sunrunartgallerywhiecaps2820

sunrunartgallerywhiecaps1478 sunrunartgallerywhiecaps1988 sunrunartgallerywhiecaps1721

Park1730  Park1857 Park1736Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.48.13 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-26 at 7.55.48 AM

(mines of the left) -30-

Round 2....FIGHT

chan harper1840 Week 2.. What to say?  Things got more chaotic and fast.  I thought after the First week things would die down, but no (this is good).  Its great to be on the field getting experience and meeting some of the most talented photoj's in the industry.  Theres not much time for much, I file a lot out of starbucks or though my cell at the event.  You move fast an hard.  Anyhow this week was great, I'm going to throw up some harper stuff soon here. Just have to sort through the pics. #freelance #internship #ryanreynolds #harper #modi #news #van #surrey #northvan #richmond #chan #protest #canon #loyalistphotoj Protest1318 Protest1353-2stpaulhospital   chan harper1638 Training-hospital1729 Training-hospital1535

Ryan Reynolds Update2

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.33.59 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.33.35 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.20.47 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-13 at 5.19.04 PM chan harper2013 chan harper2495 Harper-modi dinner2818 Harper-modi dinner2708 Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 2.34.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 2.33.46 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 2.33.25 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 2.35.40 PM


Municipal Politics 2014


TORONTO, Ont.- Going through my shots this semester I found these gems.  This year was municipal elections across Ontario.  I went out and covered a lot of local politics, but the one event that stuck out was a mayoral debate in Toronto. I needed one assignment to kill for News and I happened to be in the area.  So I asked a friend who was working on Olivia Chowscampaign team if she was out and about.  Turns out the day I was in town she would be doing meet and greets in North York.  I attempted to track her down with schedule I was given, but alas I couldn't find her.

So in defeat I was about to head back, then I saw the Toronto Star tweeted there would be a debate later on that day in North York.  I contacted the media liaison for the debate in North York but he didn't get back to me in time, well fuck it I figured to myself and showed up to the Anne and Max Tannenbaum Community Hebrew Academy of North Toronto an hour before the debate started.

When I arrived, a huge crowd had already gathered in the front of the Academy.  Already there some political dilemma going on between mayoral candidate D!onne Renee and one of the event organizers. Apparently she has been going to debates and attempting to partake in them as a forerunning candidate.  She was almost barred from the door, but was eventually let in.toMayoralDebate_0510141062


Soon I arrived to the Media Desk and talked my way in,  I signed in under Freelance and grabbed my pass.  Going in I began to realize this was a good place to meet working photojournalists as it turned out the Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun and the National Post were there.  It was cool getting pointer from them and suggestions where to go after I finish photoj classIMG_0151IMG_0147IMG_0157.

Turns out the shooter for the National Post Colin O'Connor went to the same photojournalism program I'm currently in and used to be a tree planter.  He was telling me that there are jobs in the news industry, you just have to supplement your income with commercial work.  Also he mentioned that 95% or my peers won't end up shooting news, but move onto different photography or end up doing something else.  I later found out that he's getting out of the game and into teaching high school.toMayoralDebate_0510141124

Anyhow the debate eventually began, and you got to see the three highballers Olivia Chow, John Tory and Doug Ford, and the fourth place candidate Ari Goldkind.  Most of the debate revolved around Tory's smart track plan and how it won't work. But things really took a turn when Rob Ford arrived to support his brother.toMayoralDebate_0510141131

The entire room started to focus on Rob Ford rather then the debate, eventually his presence leaked into the debate.  Goldkind brought up the anti-semetic remarks Rob Ford had said during his term as mayor,  Doug Ford in turn tried to distance him self from these comments but wound up saying some controversial remarks as well.

“You know something: my doctor, my Jewish doctor, my Jewish dentist, my Jewish lawyer my Jewish — hold it — accountant. We’ve learned, our family — can you please, please let me finish?” stated Doug Ford in the debate.  The entire crowd started laughing, but eventually it turned into boos in the middle of this statement.toMayoralDebate_0510141144toMayoralDebate_0510141211

The debate finished up and the scrums began.  I tried to get  ascot of Rob Ford but he bolted out of the door, the entire media scrum tried to keep up but he ran into his vehicle with his wife and took off.  "Doesn't matter, if doesn't want to comment, he doest want to comment, not a big deal"  Andrew Wallace(from the Toronto Star) told me.  I shrugged and got into the scrums with Tory and Chow.



So all in all I learned how quickly you have to file when doing news.  The Star was filing shots and posting them on their website as the debate was going on.  O'Conner said he had half-hour to have his shots in by, which would be around a dozen photos.  So this was a great experience  and a lot of fun in the end.



Rural Underground

Photos byJeremy Mckay For the past year I’ve been following the hip-hop scene in Belleville, Ontario.  Surprisingly I found the scene out here to be vibrant and strong.  It was the last thing I expected to find out here, a hidden gem.  So I started shooting shows and following artists in my spare time out here in Belleville.

This time round I went to go shoot the Young Stitch: Pyramids in the sky tour at the Duke pub on November 1st.  It was here where I decided to pursue my assignments for the photojournalism class’s I'm currently in.  One class is for Documentary, were I decided to tackle a social issues project… another is “shoot your weakness” assignment for me editing class.

Portraits…This was the answer to my assignments.  I am not using more than one flash for lighting, let alone doing portraits.  It was here where I was out of my comfort zone, I have to control the subjects and the light hitting the subject.  But not doing candid style photography for documentary purposes.

#theduke #belleville #quinte #hiphop #rural #mc #djaying #rap #420klick #stylinflow #stylinflowentertainment #sentralsoldiers #pyramidsinthesky #canadianhiphop #youngstitch

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Yorks Homecoming Game 2014

York Lions Homecoming-September 20, 2014 York Lions v.s. McMaster Marauders

Final Score

McMaster 49 - York 2


Well what can I say, it was the first time I ever shot a football game.  I was in Toronto that weekend and had a Sports assignment due the end of the weekend.  So why not try my hand at learning how to shoot American Football.  Normally I cover news, From General News to Breaking News.

I got ahold of York Lions Media Relations and was fortunate enough to get a Media Pass last minute.  Anyhow, I got to york university about an hour before the game to pick up my pass and be briefed on where I’m allowed to go and shoot.  The media coordinator pointed me to talk to security on the sidelines.

“Shoot anywhere on the sidelines, just don’t end up inside the end zone”  Pretty straight forward for the most part.

Anyhow, I wasn’t the only photographer there, there were 2 shooters for York, 1 for McMaster, and 1 for some Local daily.  So I pretty much shadowed them in the first half until I got into the swing of things after half-time.


Gear I Used-


-Canon 7D Mark I

-Canon 6D

-Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM APO

-Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM

-Manfrotto 681B Monopod

-Newswear Documentary vest


I found there was a lot of walking and anticipating where the play was going to go, but it was a huge learning experience on using the Canon 300mm and isolating the players in action.





Yeah, it was quite a fun, challenging, new experience to shoot football.  As well as some of my shot's were featured in The Pioneer in the feature Homecoming section...G


Vancouver Celebrates 4/20

webApril 20th, 2014-  Didn't take long for the smell of cannabis to hit my nose as soon as I stepped off the plane in Vancouver.  Maybe less than a half an hour? Anyhow I wound up downtown Vancouver at the Art Gallery were over 30,000 had gathered to Celebrate the 20th annual smoke out. As soon as I had made my way into the event I was greeted by a least 4 merchants trying to push goods ranging from sticky kush to lolypops laced with THC.  It didn't take long for me to realize that all streets around the Gallery was a free for all for sparking up and slangin dope.

Anyhow,  I never before have seen such a gathering were you can't make your way around the haze of smoke that constantly surrounds you. Not to mention the wave of people you constantly bump elbows with.  Pretty well the same as the 5 o'clock rush hour at union station.

But when 4:19 PM hit and the countdown began, and the crowd started to power up.  By the time 4:20 PM hit the front of the art taller was blocked by the clouds of white haze.  As the smoke rose I began to wonder if the event was still politically motivated?  Or had it become a festival to get high at and have a good time?  I personally think the overcrowded area around the the Vancouver Art Gallery is a symbol for an overdue legalization.


Vanapr22162 copy

Vanapr22176 copy

Vanapr22246 copy

Vanapr22221 copy

Vanapr22039 copy

Vanapr22234 copy

Vanapr22055 copy

Vanapr22238 copy

Vanapr22028 copy



Small Scene

Yes...Yes there is a Hip-hop scene in the Belleville area and it's bigger than you think.  The past few weeks I've been following this scene and found a hidden gem in the far corners in the Quinte area.  You begin to see graffiti art emerge in the alleys & the train yards , Flyers for Hip-Hop Shows and Posters promoting MC Battles.  It's a scene thats growing and spreading quickly. Shows- Hiphop show010 copy Hiphop show024 copy Hiphop show042 copy Hiphop show074 copy Hiphop show093 copy Hiphop show095 copy Hiphop show099 copy Hiphop show119 copy Hiphop show278 copy Hiphop show303 copy Hiphop show341 copy Hiphop show360 copy Hiphop show421 copy Hiphop show433 copy Hiphop show449 copy Hiphop show513 copy Hiphop show523 copy Hiphop show535 copy Hiphop show553 copy Hiphop show587-2 copy Hiphop show671 copy Hiphop show676 copy Hiphop show713 copy Hiphop show734 copy Hiphop show748 copy Hiphop show758 copy


310114mcbattle286 copy 310114mcbattle291 copy 310114mcbattle336 copy 310114mcbattle350 copy 310114mcbattle361 copy 310114mcbattle381 copy 310114mcbattle426 copy 310114mcbattle443 copy 310114mcbattle530 copy 310114mcbattle586 copy 310114mcbattle588 copy 310114mcbattle612 copy 310114mcbattle613 copy 310114mcbattle615 copy 310114mcbattle622 copy 310114mcbattle724 copy 310114mcbattle735 copy 310114mcbattle763 copy 310114mcbattle773 copy 310114mcbattle796 copy 310114mcbattle811 copy 310114mcbattle833 copy 310114mcbattle850 copy 310114mcbattle863 copy 310114mcbattle881 copy 310114mcbattle888 copy 310114mcbattle904 copy 310114mcbattle906 copy Jeremy Mckay Features4 copy Jeremy Mckay Med 4 copy Jeremy Mckay Med copy Jeremy Mckay Med2 copy Jeremy Mckay Tight copy Jeremy Mckay Wide copy Jeremy Mckays Med3 copy 310114mcbattle279 copy

Jeremy Mckay Portfolio 2014


Click link Below to see-

link--->  Jeremy Mckay Portfolio 2014.

So this is it...ground zero.  After 6 months of shooting & getting knowledge kicked to me, I put together my first "legit" portfolio that I showed to a advisory board in mid-march.  One of the cool perks of my Photojournalism program is that I have  an opportunity to show my work to heavy hitting media outlets such as the:  Toronto Star, Sun Media, Globe and Mail, Canadian Press, Montreal Gazette, Macleans Magazine, Reuters, Photo Sensitive and also some Successful Freelancers.  I saw advisors who worked/working for Photosensitive, the Canadian Press, Sun Media and Toronto Star.

I have a lot to work ahead of me but I got started on the right path to shooting news.  I was told many things from the advisors I saw while getting critiqued-


"Put that Ford shot in your scrapbook" "you have to shoot tighter"  "I may sound harsh, but I'm talking you from peer to peer.  Not myself down to a student" "Up your technical skills and photoshop skill" "CROP MORE" "YOU CROPPED TO TIGHT" "Shoot wider" "Good moment...But" "Slow down when you shoot.  Wait a few seconds more" etc..

I was also told "I think you have a future in news", that I should freelance out hard news/spot news in Montreal,  that I'm going the right direction,  "What are you doing this summer?  Interning?" and to keep on shooting.

Overall a great experience and got some direction on were to develop my skills further.

Other than that, the semester is wrapping up.  I just have to slug out multimedia & multiple pics (only classes that worry me), everything else is a breeze.  Soon its back out west to plant trees and document hippies guerrilla style.  Maybe swing an internship in August.

By Jeremy Mckay



Anti-Police Brutality March 2014

MONTREAL, QB. (15/03/14) - Police in riot gear Kettle demonstrators between Saint-Denis st and Saint Vallier st at the the 18th annual anti-police brutality protest on March 15th, 2014. Over 288 demonstrators were fined and 5 demonstrators were arrested. Photo By Jeremy Mckay  

"Don't go!"   "I won't bail you out cousin"  "Your gear's gonna get smashed"   "Wear a helmet"  "Hope you have 700 bucks"  "Be Careful" "Put PRESS on your shirt and have your Media Pass visible"  "Here's a number to an English speaking lawyer"

These were the words of advice given to me by my peers when I decided to go to the Anti-Police Brutality March 2014 out in Montreal.  To be honest a lot of what they said was true. The beatings, smashed gear, massive arrests, kettling, fines, etc.. But I myself managed to escape unscathed.  I drew a rough timeline in order to help write an article on the protest.

3:00 -  I get off the STM orange line at the Jean-Talon stop.  I see a line of riot police when I reach the top of the escalator waiting to block off the exit.

3:02-:05-  I get out the doors and was automatically bombarded by a sea of demonstrators & Signs.  The streets was packed with a few hundred people.  I see a line of riot police on Jean-Talon st keeping the protestors surrounded against the exit of Jean-Talon station.  Checking out the scene I begin shooting right away.

3:05- Police on a mega-phone announce to the demonstrators that this is an illegal Protest and they must disperse immediately as a helicopter flies overhead.  A bunch of "Fuck you's" ensued and the march began.  The Metro Train doesn't stop at Jean Talon station anymore.

3:06- March continues...Crack down begins.  I hear a clacking of shields rushing towards me, I turn to see a wave of riot police charging.  I begin to run and then try to get on a side of a building in an attempt to squeeze out.  A young protester & and older lady try to escape this way as well but were smashed against a wall. I was nearly cracked on, but managed to jump out.  I ran on the other side of police so their face shields were facing away from me, not towards me.  I switched to a long lens and kept shooting.  The police then began to push the protestors down Jean-Talon and into Châteaubriand Avenue.

3:15- The riot police push about 150 demonstrators down Châteaubriand Avenue towards buses that were parked in the middle of the Avenue.  I stick to them as close as I can without getting arrested, but then the riot police formed a line about 100 meters from the buses and prevented myself and other journalists to getting access.  So I ran up a set of stairs in order to get up higher, but it was tough grabbing shots. To many trees in the way and buses blocking the view.

3:20-3:40-  Myself and other journalists continues to try to geting closer access to the kettle but fail. So I found an alley to run down alongside Châteaubriand Avenue to get onto Belanger street, thinking maybe there would be a better view on that end. I was greeted by a swarm of riot police and a small crowd of protestors outside of the main kettle.  Media was on this end as well trying to get there shots,  I managed to see a little bit of the mass arrests but not enough to get a good shot.  Then I hear "Hey theres more protestors causing a scene back on Jean-Talon"  So once again I bolt down Saint Vallier Street with other journalists to cover that end.  Sure enough a group of demonstrators outside of the metro station.

3:40-4:05- I begin shooting the new set of unkettled demonstrators on Jean Talon st.  But then realize the riot police blocked off the metro, the street I ran down, any stores to hide in, and I see that the end of Jean Talon St is blocked.  I figured fuck it keep shooting,  What else was I gonna do?  Soon a group of demonstrators moved and sat in the middle of the pre-kettle. I got close and focused on them.  But then the clacking of the shields sounds began. slowly...then to a hard pace as the police charged at us, I grabbed a few frames and ran from the police while Hail marying (Hold your camera high and hit the high shutter).  I saw an alleyway and ran down there with some other demonstrators, but we saw some riot police at the end so we then began hopping fences.  Hop-duck-check hop-duck-check. Get safely around the cops and run down Saint Vallier.

4:15ish- I begin to walk down Jean Talon after the kettled protesters were arrested and brought to Châteaubriand Avenue to be processed.  I see on Châteaubriand Avenue busses are still there and the cops still have a line blocking media access.  

So I get off Jean Talon st and bomb down Saint-Hubert st. See another freelance photographer and we both start sharing how we escaped the kettle, Laughing about it.

4:17-  A group of riot police come out of no where sweeping Saint-Hubert for people who were participating in the protest.  They pulled me aside and began interrogating me.  I managed to get out of it with my media pass and talking out of it.  But my peer swore at the police saying something along the lines of "you have no right to do this", and "resisted"(moved his hand away from the cop attempting to grab him).  The cops then slammed him against a tree, frisked him and cuffed him.  Looked like his camera disappeared (presumably smashed) I'm sure they dragged him to get processed with the other protestors.

Basically after that was rounding up of people who participated in the march,  it was done by 5 P.M. Processing was still going on at 7 P.M.  Over 288 people were fined and 5 charged.

Click on Photo Below to View Gallery:

So my experience with this is if you want to see if you can shoot fast news...Go to stuff like this.  "Protests in Montreal are a playground compared to Europe"  was the description of protests in North America by my Italian peer.  So it's not that bad. It's a chance to get on those stepping stones to one day shoot hard stuff like the revolution in the Ukraine.

Great experience and I'm definitely hungry to shoot more stuff like this.

By Jeremy Mckay


It's On

"Dude...You need a web presence"-A Friend Well here it is,  the start of a new year with a new blog.  I figure this would be the ideal time to start the learn the blogging game and some shots out there.  I guess that one of the main reasons why I want to begin this blog, to document and show the some of the adventures I've been on.  So I may as well say a little something about myself:

Well Im a 27-year-old guy currently living in Belleville Ontario. Though I'm originally from B.C. I know what your thinking-Belleville?  Usually people go from Ontario to B.C...Yeah I know, but I'm here for good reason.  This town's technical college has the premier photojournalism program of Canada.  Hence I got in and recently finished my first semester.  When I'm not in school I Treeplant the Wild West or travel around the globe.    So that pretty much sums it up...Treeplant, Travel, Adventure and take pictures.  It's a pretty unstable, wild & unpredictable lifestyle.  But fortunately enough it comes with the turf.

And speaking of school and travel, I'm currently kicking it in Hawaii for the winter break. Taking advantage of the time & available wi-fi (There us literally a shortage of wi-fi here in the Big Island of Hawaii) before shipping back to icy north.  Anyhow Im posting up more shots when I get wifi that doesn't take 10 minutes to load one picture.

Typical Sign seen in Hawaii's parking lots.