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"Dude...You need a web presence"-A Friend Well here it is,  the start of a new year with a new blog.  I figure this would be the ideal time to start the learn the blogging game and some shots out there.  I guess that one of the main reasons why I want to begin this blog, to document and show the some of the adventures I've been on.  So I may as well say a little something about myself:

Well Im a 27-year-old guy currently living in Belleville Ontario. Though I'm originally from B.C. I know what your thinking-Belleville?  Usually people go from Ontario to B.C...Yeah I know, but I'm here for good reason.  This town's technical college has the premier photojournalism program of Canada.  Hence I got in and recently finished my first semester.  When I'm not in school I Treeplant the Wild West or travel around the globe.    So that pretty much sums it up...Treeplant, Travel, Adventure and take pictures.  It's a pretty unstable, wild & unpredictable lifestyle.  But fortunately enough it comes with the turf.

And speaking of school and travel, I'm currently kicking it in Hawaii for the winter break. Taking advantage of the time & available wi-fi (There us literally a shortage of wi-fi here in the Big Island of Hawaii) before shipping back to icy north.  Anyhow Im posting up more shots when I get wifi that doesn't take 10 minutes to load one picture.

Typical Sign seen in Hawaii's parking lots.