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Jeremy Mckay Portfolio 2014


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So this is it...ground zero.  After 6 months of shooting & getting knowledge kicked to me, I put together my first "legit" portfolio that I showed to a advisory board in mid-march.  One of the cool perks of my Photojournalism program is that I have  an opportunity to show my work to heavy hitting media outlets such as the:  Toronto Star, Sun Media, Globe and Mail, Canadian Press, Montreal Gazette, Macleans Magazine, Reuters, Photo Sensitive and also some Successful Freelancers.  I saw advisors who worked/working for Photosensitive, the Canadian Press, Sun Media and Toronto Star.

I have a lot to work ahead of me but I got started on the right path to shooting news.  I was told many things from the advisors I saw while getting critiqued-


"Put that Ford shot in your scrapbook" "you have to shoot tighter"  "I may sound harsh, but I'm talking you from peer to peer.  Not myself down to a student" "Up your technical skills and photoshop skill" "CROP MORE" "YOU CROPPED TO TIGHT" "Shoot wider" "Good moment...But" "Slow down when you shoot.  Wait a few seconds more" etc..

I was also told "I think you have a future in news", that I should freelance out hard news/spot news in Montreal,  that I'm going the right direction,  "What are you doing this summer?  Interning?" and to keep on shooting.

Overall a great experience and got some direction on were to develop my skills further.

Other than that, the semester is wrapping up.  I just have to slug out multimedia & multiple pics (only classes that worry me), everything else is a breeze.  Soon its back out west to plant trees and document hippies guerrilla style.  Maybe swing an internship in August.

By Jeremy Mckay