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Life on the Fringe

Small Scene

Yes...Yes there is a Hip-hop scene in the Belleville area and it's bigger than you think.  The past few weeks I've been following this scene and found a hidden gem in the far corners in the Quinte area.  You begin to see graffiti art emerge in the alleys & the train yards , Flyers for Hip-Hop Shows and Posters promoting MC Battles.  It's a scene thats growing and spreading quickly. Shows- Hiphop show010 copy Hiphop show024 copy Hiphop show042 copy Hiphop show074 copy Hiphop show093 copy Hiphop show095 copy Hiphop show099 copy Hiphop show119 copy Hiphop show278 copy Hiphop show303 copy Hiphop show341 copy Hiphop show360 copy Hiphop show421 copy Hiphop show433 copy Hiphop show449 copy Hiphop show513 copy Hiphop show523 copy Hiphop show535 copy Hiphop show553 copy Hiphop show587-2 copy Hiphop show671 copy Hiphop show676 copy Hiphop show713 copy Hiphop show734 copy Hiphop show748 copy Hiphop show758 copy


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