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Vancouver Celebrates 4/20

webApril 20th, 2014-  Didn't take long for the smell of cannabis to hit my nose as soon as I stepped off the plane in Vancouver.  Maybe less than a half an hour? Anyhow I wound up downtown Vancouver at the Art Gallery were over 30,000 had gathered to Celebrate the 20th annual smoke out. As soon as I had made my way into the event I was greeted by a least 4 merchants trying to push goods ranging from sticky kush to lolypops laced with THC.  It didn't take long for me to realize that all streets around the Gallery was a free for all for sparking up and slangin dope.

Anyhow,  I never before have seen such a gathering were you can't make your way around the haze of smoke that constantly surrounds you. Not to mention the wave of people you constantly bump elbows with.  Pretty well the same as the 5 o'clock rush hour at union station.

But when 4:19 PM hit and the countdown began, and the crowd started to power up.  By the time 4:20 PM hit the front of the art taller was blocked by the clouds of white haze.  As the smoke rose I began to wonder if the event was still politically motivated?  Or had it become a festival to get high at and have a good time?  I personally think the overcrowded area around the the Vancouver Art Gallery is a symbol for an overdue legalization.


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