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Photos byJeremy Mckay For the past year I’ve been following the hip-hop scene in Belleville, Ontario.  Surprisingly I found the scene out here to be vibrant and strong.  It was the last thing I expected to find out here, a hidden gem.  So I started shooting shows and following artists in my spare time out here in Belleville.

This time round I went to go shoot the Young Stitch: Pyramids in the sky tour at the Duke pub on November 1st.  It was here where I decided to pursue my assignments for the photojournalism class’s I'm currently in.  One class is for Documentary, were I decided to tackle a social issues project… another is “shoot your weakness” assignment for me editing class.

Portraits…This was the answer to my assignments.  I am not using more than one flash for lighting, let alone doing portraits.  It was here where I was out of my comfort zone, I have to control the subjects and the light hitting the subject.  But not doing candid style photography for documentary purposes.

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